Asana & Pranayam in Tantra #5
Far more comprehensive than exercises precribed in the hatha yoga system, Tantra views body and energy as aspects to be purified, then connected inwardly to mind and to one’s Divinw Nature — much in keeping with the authentic Yoga of Lord Patanjali. Thus it leads the soul to in inherent perfection, as all Yogas should.
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Food and Brahman #4
Conscious eating — a necessary and sublime act in human life — has gone by the wayside in today’s world. From the taking of food, to the birth of children, and on into the development of subtle power (prana and shakti) needed to realize God, the importance of food, on all levels of our being, is present. The principle of food suggests much more than “healthy minds and bodies;” no less than the realization of Brahman is involved when food is brought up from the gross, to the subtle, to the causal level of our being — as this universal mantra used by millions of souls to bless what they eat, duly signifies.
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Phases and Permutations of the All-Pervasive Prana #17
A missing principle in contemporary thought and its knowledge, prana is also a missing link that, when discovered and connected properly, reveals and assists the internal connections that make for spiritual life at its foundation. Unfortunately, even the gross, physical prana is not given its study from the right perspective. The food we eat and digest, and the energy that operates our five senses, is supplied and suffused by raw prana. When basic prana is flowing, connected to the breathing process, and then seen as what enlivens our thinking process, then the psychic prana gets discovered, and sacred principles are seen and communed with in meditation.
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The Four Clarities of Food #133
The basis of all life, as well as the foundation for spiri tual life at its outset, has much to do with prasad, or sanctified food. Obversely, the overall ill health of ordinary peo ple, as well as the reason for lack of success in beginning aspirants on the spiritual path, also involves food. With a study of teachings that involve information and discipline around sanctifying one’s food before eating it, this dharma chart shows both the reasons for success and failure in the health regimens of living beings. To quote Lord Vasishtha, “Food eaten without purifying it first with the mantra only turns into poison in the bloodstream.”
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The Role of Food and Prana in Spiritual Life #3
The secret of sanctified food remains unknown to most beings in this day and age. The energy called prana that powers the sense and thoughts also escapes detection and proper usage. Ironically, a healthy lifestyle is also just the tip of the iceberg. When food, mantra, and spiritual disciplines are all properly connected, two powers for transformation — ojas and tejas — become available to the seeker of Truth, and a return of reverence for food and life-force will occur.
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The Singular Prana and its Five Forms #50
What connects the five elements to the five senses, and those two sets of fives to the five subtle senses and five subtle elements (tanmatras), is both grounds for beginning the inner spiritual journey and the ground of Yogic practice as well. Such rare wisdom, realized in meditation, not only opens many subtle doors to the “kingdom within,” but destroys age-old doubts about the incarnating soul, subtle and material nature, and the singular Transcendent Reality that remains pure, perfect, changeless, and nondual despite the many transformations going on in mind and matter.
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