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Cause & Effect in the Mind #140


Knowledge available in Western scientific circles con cerning cause and effect is limited mostly to physical bodies in space, whether space it be space on Earth or outer space. There is no provision made for inner space. This limits the human mind in its efforts to find the sources for what occurs to embodied beings as a result of their actions on the physical plane of existence. Known as “karma,” the results of actions perpetrated in space and time originate in the mind; repercussions coming to the soul do not just appear as a matter of randomness or luck, etc. Therefore, the inwardly quassative being will come to find that “thought is the father to the deed,” as a wise Western saying evinces. Knowing of this direct correlation between thought, action, and karma, leaves the pathway open for the spiritual aspirant to pursue and attain to freedom from unforeseen and undesirable effects springing from subtle causes.

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