From Atomic Particles to Atmic Particles #61


The final conclusion of the luminaries and the revealed scriptures is that “All Is Brahman.” But how can this ultimatum be believed when Brahman cannot be an object, an energy, or a thought? As Sri Ramakrishna explained, Brahman, Divine Reality, infuses everything like sweetness permeates sugar cane juice. The same sunlight appears in multiple dew drops that have collected on garden flowers in the early morning. The Light of Consciousness shines in all individuals, and all things — though apparently separated. Similarly, in keeping with the trends of modern science and contemporary human understanding, a way to understand the all-pervasive nature of Consciousness is through examining particles. Western Science has done so on the physical level, but the ancient contemplatives of India saw past the atomic particle and perceived Consciousness vibrating at subtler and subtler levels. This inner vision also revealed to them the presence of inner realms and the secrets of where the eternal Soul goes to and comes from before birth and after death. Whether put in terms of bodies, worlds, deities, or vibration, in-depth teachings on particles clarify our comprehension.

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