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Patanjali’s & Shankara’s Yoga of the Mind #119


In the incomparable world of Philosophy, Religion, and Spirituality, there can be no finer example of the sublime and the subliminal than a meeting of the great minds of two fully realized luminaries. In this teaching chart, a grandsire of Yoga meets with a perfected exemplar of Advaita Vedanta to put forth the beloved darshana of Yoga as it has rarely been seen before. Masterfully inserted into the traditional Eight Limbs of Yoga are six other complementary concomitants that bring Patanjali’s system from the second century, forward to a more contemporary age. For those who have long cherished the integration of Yoga and Vedanta as a superlative pathway in spiritual life, a study of this unique blending of fine philosophies and facile minds will be welcome indeed.

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