Synchronicity of Iti-Iti & Neti-Neti #191


Those fortunate souls who arrive at the darshana of Vedanta in this age, which was freshly reintroduced on earth by Swami Vivekananda starting in 1893, hear several main teachings of import right at the start. One of these cites the discipline of neti neti, which asks the aspirant to look at every element, detail, and object in life, and say to the self, “I am not this; I am not this.” Withdrawal from all that in changing then settles into the mind, and the wonderful station of “Iti Iti,” I am all this; I am all this,” in a newly matured way, is realized. In other words, once the naivete of thinking oneself to be matter is taken away by the practice of neti neti, the soul then perceives Brahman in everything. Then, “Tat Tvam Asi — That Thou Art — is the welcome result.

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