The 4 Treasures & 6 Jewels of Vedanta #199


Called Sadhanachatushtaya, the Four Treasures with their Six Jewels are one of Vedanta’s mostly highly cherished systems. They also bespeak of a system of practice that is characteristically of the mind, as well. The desire to practice spiritual disciplines takes place in the mind first, then works its way out to the other levels of ones being. To purify the mind first, then, if that is possible for the aspirant, is the wisest way to proceed. To use viveka to “separate the wheat from the chaff” makes for the safest and surest way to move forward towards the Goal of Enlightenment, or moksha. Along the way, the other three treasures with their six jewels naturally join together to aid the seeker in this noblest of human ventures.

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