The Chain of Rebirth With Its Twelve Nidanas (Links) in Buddhis #117


The esoteric teaching of the Twelve Nidanas is one of Buddhism’s three main dharmic pillars. To come to know the movement and location of the embodied soul in relativity — at least until it remembers its static, all-pervasive nature — is a great aid to the process of getting free of transmigration on the wheel of birth and death. Most sensitive beings, rare as they may be in this world, who come to know of the possibility of Freedom, will take three life times to accomplish this penultimate goal of spiritual life. A major part of the process will consist of snapping the links that bind the soul to pleasures, worlds, relatives and families, wealth, and all the karmas that have accumulated due to habitual relations with all of them. For the adamantine seeker, then, this chart and its teachings will act as an inner road map to the radiant lands of pure, conscious Awareness.

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