The Five Sheaths of the Adhara System #64


Classic to the Vedanta Darshana, and utilized by so many religions and philosophical systems in one way or another, India’s ancient presentation of the five sheaths of human awareness over the eternal Atman has far-reaching ramifications for the embodied soul’s understanding of its innate spirituality. Coming to know of the overlays of form over formless Reality is, for many in this day and time, a completely healing insight, affecting as it does both the intrinsic perfection of one’s true nature, and the ability to slough off all such false superimpositions and be free. At the same time such understanding helps to render life in the realm of form beneficial, helping to deify body, energy (prana), mind, intelligence, and the ego — the five sheathes, or koshas, clear and pure. Gaining freedom from them and living in the Atman then becomes a matter of natural course.

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