The Mighty River of Brahman #185


In the view of the ancient Indian rishis, the look at, or perspective on, the Absolute Reality, called Brahman, was all-inclusive. Beyond form, transcending time and space, indivisible and all-pervasive, free of all attributes — this was Divine Reality. But they also left room for Brahman inside of the worlds of name and form, or Brahman with attributes. In this wisdom chart, Brahman is compared to a mighty river with all its features, characteristics, and movements— many of them containing all the risks and dangers that relativity and life here on earth is known for. In the words of Sri Ramakrishna, God must contain the full weight of the fruit, i.e., not just the flesh which undoubtedly is the Essence, but also the skin, seeds, pit, and core of the fruit as well.

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