The Process of Embodiment #80


The fresh and recent set of teachings regarding the process of embodiment given by Holy Mother, Sri Sarada Devi, is a welcome addition to a whole new expression of Indian Dharma that has made its way to Western shores thanks to Swami Vivekananda’s arrival here in the West in 1893. For, the embodied soul needs to know of its inner powers in this regard, what to speak of its predicament in the realms of name and form — which are always at risk due to the uprising of suffering in daily life. Living a conscious life that is sensitive to both the presence of God, as well as the needs of others such as family, friends, and the world at large, is made possible and greatly enhanced by knowing about the movements of the mental body in sleep and after death; also prior to its new birth. The Holy Mother sees Her children go through their lifetimes in relativity, and so makes known the facts and possibilities of the reincarnation process for them so they can transcend rebirth and even live a pure and stainless life when they do take on a body.

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