The Three Eternal Gateways #132


As Vedanta, in its qualified form, states: All beings will be saved; all will see God. That is because the souls of all beings are Eternal, that is, the one Soul in all, called Atman, is perfect and indivisible, even when it seems to take many forms. In the taking of these forms, beings pass in and out of the embodied condition through channels, nadis, or gateways, as it were. This is a strictly inward process and has nothing to do with outer space. This dharma chart puts this cosmic process in terms of those who follow Truth dur ing their lifetimes, those who abandon Truth, and those who have realized their ever-perfect nature and embody to teach it to others. Two sets of four doorways are also illustrated here, so as to inform aspiring souls of the reasons for and mediums utilized via people’s choices and decisions in the rebirth process.

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