The True Meaning of Siddha — Perfection #109


The Sanskrit word, Siddhi, has several meanings, and these have confused the unenlightened ones who, as yet, are uninitiated into the secrets of spiritual life. Some may take it as something to be physically imbibed, like an intoxicant. Others, of metaphysical leanings, may interpret it as meaning occult powers that can bring unusual forces under the control of the seeker after power. But adepts and luminaries know that Siddhi is absolute perfection. This artistic wisdom chart poses two choices, side by side, for the consideration of discerning aspirants everywhere, and in every religion. For much of religion’s downfall can be traced to preoccupation with the occult, with miracles, and with sensationalism. There is a much better choice, as the teachings of Sankhya Yoga and Vedanta reveal on this dharma chart.

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