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The Two Complementary Paths #66


In conjunction with chart #35, this examination of the four classic yogas focuses in upon what certain more sagacious luminaries of this day and age are referring to as “the two wings of the bird.” They are jnana and bhakti, or spiritual wisdom and heartfelt devotion. Comparitive points of the two are given herein with the intention of encouraging their proper synthesis into sadhana, rather than positing one against the other. As Swami Vivekananda has stated, his vision of the fully-matured spiritual being of the future involves duly leaving behind the limits, and even narrowness, of adhering to only one element of spirituality, and thereby taking up all four sides of human character — the studious, the devotional, the contemplative, and the active — for refinement. This is proper synthesis of the Four Yogas.

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