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The Two Yogas of the Matri Avatar #141


The advent of Sri Sarada Devi on the earth signals the visitation the most rare of beings — a manifestation of the Goddess. The Goddess, in this case, means The Divine Mother of the Universe has taken a birth in human form so as to help all beings with their respective aims and goals. Some She will assist in fulfilling their desires; others She will release from the ocean of suffering (samsara sagara); still others She will grant liberation from the cycle of birth and death completely. There is no end to the possibilities once She is recognized by the embodied soul, and taken as the Supreme Refuge in life. As She lived Her life in the mid 1800’s and on into the early 1900’s, Holy Mother, as She is now addressed by millions, had Her own unique style of bringing about Her subtle miracles for the highest good of mankind. Though extremely versatile in Her abilities and application, two special Yogas characterized Her effective work and teachings throughout Her life in the body. This dharma chart shows the dynamics of each of them. By studying and applying them, living beings can not only make inner contact with Her, but can also free themselves from root ignorance and take their places among the realized souls of this world.

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