Time & Enlightenment #152


There is no doubt that the factor of time plays an essential role in the attainment of spiritual enlightenment. Called Kramamukti in the Vedic tradition, what is inferred is a slower-paced and gradual inward ascension into the fullness of realization, over lifetimes. Though a few rarer souls may take swifter and more direct routes to Brahman and Ishvara, most beings on earth will walk this slower, gradated path. On the wisdom chart displayed here, some of the dynamics of spiritual evolution are laid out for study, along with many of the trials, requirements, and landmarks that accompany them. Replete with several wisdom quotes by a few of the most revered luminaries on earth over cycles of time, this chart is one to be posted on the walls of the household, ashrama, and monastery alike, as well as in educational institutions.

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