Vedic Triputis & Quintuplications #91


If the subject of numbers has any real mystery to unfold, it is to be found in eastern cosmology, not western mathematics. It is linked mostly to triplets and quintuplications that all connect inward to philosophy, and from there to spirituality. In alambanic fashion, the awakening soul’s most important preliminary task is to take account of all that is around him/her. But unlike the ordinary soul who sees, desires, covets, grasps, then becomes attached to all that is beheld, striving to own it outright, the yogi/yogini begins to search for the connections between all outer manifestations after meditating upon on all things individually, and this is done devoid of the slightest desire to possess. The secret of connectivity, once observed arightly, lays bare the essence of any given thing, and perceiving this, the seeker is free. Thus, connectivity reveals oneness,
and that the secret of oneness infills everything. Thereafter, one only has to “sit up straight” and notice.

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