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Yogic Connections & Correlations #144


This chart could easily be filed under the heading “Yoga 101,” to coin a phrase, for living beings — especially those who are practicing physical postures in place of Yoga — are missing these fundamental connections. To find the real origins of things in the outer universe, one needs to trace them to their corollary predecessors, which for earth, for example, would be the sense of smell, and for water, the sense of taste. That would make the origin for fire, sight, etc. Following the trail for outer effects to their internal causes in this manner, and meditating upon these connections, reveals the true internal nature of everything in the worlds of name and form. This process, as a practice, can take the soul all the way to the unoriginated Source, or Atman. Following time back in history, as in evolution, or heaven upward into the skies, will not lead to the Source.

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