13 Characteristics of the Atman #314


The indivisible Self is called Atman in Vedanta. The limited self, called Ahamkara, or the human ego, is the repository of all assumed properties, and the dwelling-place of all dualities and their evolutes and offshoots — such things as happy/sad, successful/failure, fat/thin, worthy/worthless, etc. This wisdom chart reveals that the characteristics of Atman, the true Self of humanity, are qualities such as eternal, indestructible, immovable, and the like. Such qualities are not assumed, like add-ons after the fact, but are inherent in Atman. It is a case of the difference between ornaments that are hung on a Christmas tree, as opposed to the actual green color of the tree. The Atman, then, is full and complete by nature. Living beings many attempt to complement Atman with good qualities, or reduce the Atman through negative qualities, but It remains pure, perfect, and nondual, ever free of overlays.

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