Tathagatagarbha/Atman — The Transparency of the Self #92


In all Indian Darshanas, which are clear pathways to spiritual sight, the presence of The Presence is both key and undeniable. That It exists is Truth; that It is to be attained or reached is the Goal. And how to bring it forward out of hiding is the Way. All this is expressed in unique ways in Vedanta, Yoga, Buddhism, Tantra, and other superlative avenues to Self-Realization. The ardent seeker only has to sincerely set foot on the spiritual path and proceed forward — which is inwards — preferably under the guidance of an illumined preceptor. For, after the body passes, the soul has nowhere else to move other than inwards, into the Great Mind, or Great Self. Those exceptional beings who have become intrepid spiritual wayfarers, even when they were embodied on earth, are the true Guides who shed Light upon the Way. From the small self, to selflessness, to
the true individual self, then to The Great Self, the inward-moving pilgrim finds Divine Reality — ironically enough — waiting and abiding in his or her own self.

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