Advaita Vedanta’s Pillar of Axioms #93


There is immense beauty and poetry abiding in the otherwise presumed sterility, or the presupposed emptiness, of that great principle seers and seekers call Nonduality. A step by step figuring of the process of the dissolving of human ignorance under the powerful press of advaitic reasoning is one of those beauties, and it is pure poetry, philosophically speaking. Striving souls seldom see this transformation happening to them. That marvel is reserved for the teachers, gurus, and acharyas of these adamant seekers. A clear explanation of this is to be seen on this dharmic wisdom chart, that outlines fourteen pillars of ultimate progress in the world’s finest living philosophy. To quote Vivekananda, whose image graces this revealing chart, “On planes physical, ethical, and spiritual, an ever-broadening generalization — leading up to a concept of Unity Eternal — is in the air; and this being so, all the movements of the time may be taken to represent, knowingly or unknowingly, the noblest philosophy of the unity of man ever had — the Advaita Vedanta.”

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