Aparinama — The Principle of Nontransformation #62


Two of the most precious teachings of Advaita Vedanta, which can also be stated to be the twin pillars upon which this incomparable “philosophy” stands, are Ajativada and Aparinama. The first deals with the birthless, deathless nature of the Soul, or Atman, and the second follows up by revealing the fact that Divine Reality, or Brahman, does not undergo any transformation whatsoever, even when all things that fall under the auspice of name, form, time, space, and causality (the fivefold maya) suffer change and alteration, constantly. All realized souls — from Govinda to Gaudapada, Christ to Chaitanya, Moses to Mohammed, and Vasishtha to Vivekananda — knew of the immutable nature of Brahman/All-Mighty Father/Yahweh/Allah. The modern world still waits on this insuperable nondual teaching of Nontransformation that, if accepted and taken in, will transport the transmigrating soul into that singular, blissful state of Transcendence.

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