Chidabhasa: The Reflection of Brahman in the Cosmos #240


One of the major stumbling blocks to full comprehension of Advaita Vedanta is the insistence of the human mind that God/Brahman is in the world, i.e., that nondual Awareness is somehow locked into and inseparable from matter. This misconception is usually fueled by human emotionalism, and is left unchecked by dualistic and fundamentalistic religion of the present day. The teaching of Chidabhasa from the Vedantic perspective comes to the rescue here, explaining how Divine Reality can be said to reflect in nature, and to associate with forms, but never actually becomes matter or living beings. It is pure Being, not subject to becoming. This understanding leaves God/Brahman free of all limitations, as It is. It also allows for the embodied soul to seek that freedom beyond matter and its decay, which is was born to do.

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