Daivi Vak — India’s Great Spiritual Statements #122


Missing throughout the ages in religion, and abiding undetected in the deeper reaches of the human mind, the truth of “This Self is Brahman,” or “I and my Father are One,” is rendered unable to transmit its transforming and revivifying effects on the consciousness of embodied beings. Only a few rare souls — those who dive deep into the ocean of conscious awareness to uncover this supreme secret — reap the benefits of Its power,
coming forth to declare to all who would open their ears, that the apparently individualized soul is really the Supreme Soul. Certain powerful utterances have emerged over time that bring this incomparable realization of the “Self in All” into the realm of aural expression, albeit with an necessary economy of words. The Mahavakyas accomplish this, along with a host of other pithy declarations that lead the soul to a long-awaited understanding of its own Divine Essence.

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