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Karma Yoga — The Philosophy of Work #90


The great Swami Vivekananda, who brought authentic dharma to the west in the form of Vedanta and Yoga in 1893, has raised the status of Karma Yoga to an elevated position. No longer is it to be considered somehow inferior or subservient to the other three main Yogas of Vedanta. With the world in the predicament that it is today, in possession of vast wealth and power but generally bereft of spirituality and compassion, the yoga of selfless works both fills the crying need for service of suffering humanity and fits the criterion for it as well. This superlative swami has stated, in heartfelt fashion, that it is as important to dry the tears of the widow and place a piece of bread into a hungry mouth as it is to seek and attain the highest illumination. Moksha is our true nature; we already have it. It is suffering humanity that needs our attention…..

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