Nirguna & Saguna Brahman #134


God with form, and God without form, is a fascinating subject. Along with bondage and liberation, it is also one of the subtlest dualities to meditate upon. Few beings spend any time concentrating of formlessness; there are just too many allurements in the realms of name and form that are more attracting. Such beings would rather “eat sugar than be sugar,” as the philosophical term states. But the knowers of formless Reality respond that these souls do not know the Bliss of being sugar. Whatever the case may be, pondering Reality beyond attributes (gunas) while experiencing that selfsame Reality with attributes explains the bliss of the realized soul. From Brahman, to the Trinity, to the realms of higher and lowers deities, and all the way out to the physical universe, the Light of Divine Awareness shines. It is all a matter of how many or how few coverings are in the way of the seer of Truth.

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