Srsti Rahasya — Tantra’s Secret of Creation #98


All of the religious traditions of the world possess some system or ideology that proposes what the origins of life are and where they come from. Of them all, India stands out and is head and shoulders beyond the others, mainly because its cosmology is both sensible to the intellect and philosophically sound. In India’s well-thought, deeply meditated systems of cosmology there is no conjecture based in hope or sentimentality, no faint-hearted appeal leveled towards attracting the soul towards the phenomenal and the occult. There is no force utilized based in fear of damnation or alienation. There is no immortality, either on earth or in heaven. There is just the Eternal beyond them both. Mother India has many darshanas, clear pathways to Freedom, and these the Divine Mother reveals to souls seeking the highest Refuge. With any one of these, like Tantra’s Srsti Rahasya, Origins both physical and spiritual will be plumbed, resulting in the full understanding of the presence and meaning of all worlds and the beings who abide in them.

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