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Shaktadvaitavada — Divine Mother Nonduality #68


No matter what the religion, what the philosophy, or what the pathway beings choose in order to get the soul free from suffering and matter, they all go better and reach their highest zenith if awareness of the Divine Mother of the Universe is acknowledged and adhered to. This being the case, imagine, then, the peaceful, blissful, ever-content state of Consciousness enjoyed by those who take Her as their main and very own Ideal, perceiving Her as the underlying power of being and the potent force of intelligence behind all ways leading to Truth. Shaktadvaitavada — both the word and the way — emanates pure knowingness and beingness, as cogent explanations of it found in this dharma chart reveal. As the profound Upanisads relate, “These scriptures represent the secret doctrine, and She, Herself, is the Secret.”

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