Mother Kali — The Adyashakti #89
It is proclaimed by Vedic and Tantric adepts alike that the Divine Mother of the Universe has five main aspects, known as Prakriti Panchaka in Divine Mother scriptures. At the head of these five aspects is Mother Durga, also seen as Mother Kali. She is the Mother of spiritual transformation. Beings who worship Her are not in the body for purposes of enjoyment, wealth, powers, or even sporting in conscious ness — in the “many fields of the Lord.” They are present to master awareness and unite it with Her in the highest nonduality. Mother Kali, in Her scripture, The Srimad Devi Bhagavatam, cites two specific paths along which this ulti mate goal can be accomplished. They are Avyaya Yoga and Dharana Yoga, and Her instructions about them grace this dharma art wisdom chart — along with a stunning image of Her and Her precious son, Sri Ramakrishna Paramahamsa.
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Prakasha Shakti, The Revealing Power #112
The presence of the world-bewitching Maya and its often insidious influence in life and mind is recognized by the astute spiritual aspirant by three aspects that pervade all of relative existence. First, its covers, outright. Secondly, it distorts. Finally, it reveals. Maya is not all negative then, as it sports the innate ability to expose its own powers of veiling and mutability. It is up to the seeker of Truth, however, to locate the exposing power of revelation and begin to apply it in life so as to strip away coverings and clear up distortions on all levels of existence. The Mother who casts veils and projects transforming appearances where only One Reality exists will assist the noble practitioner in this most worthy of all tasks, for soul-revelation is soon follow by Self-realization.
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Shaktadvaitavada — Divine Mother Nonduality #68
No matter what the religion, what the philosophy, or what the pathway beings choose in order to get the soul free from suffering and matter, they all go better and reach their highest zenith if awareness of the Divine Mother of the Universe is acknowledged and adhered to. This being the case, imagine, then, the peaceful, blissful, ever-content state of Consciousness enjoyed by those who take Her as their main and very own Ideal, perceiving Her as the underlying power of being and the potent force of intelligence behind all ways leading to Truth. Shaktadvaitavada — both the word and the way — emanates pure knowingness and beingness, as cogent explanations of it found in this dharma chart reveal. As the profound Upanisads relate, “These scriptures represent the secret doctrine, and She, Herself, is the Secret.”
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The Four Boons & The Four Fruits of Life #73
Similar to chart #71 by way of identical teachings (The Purusharthas), this chart fleshes out the subject of Divine Mother blessings by adding in the teaching of the Four Boons of Life. A human birth/body is an absolute necessity for the transmigrating soul, for all the finer things in the Seven Lokas are attainable through it — what to speak of that singular spiritual attainment of Samadhi, Nirvana, or Satori that is the special gift of Nonduality, Advaita. Who but a realized human being can attain the highest status that is even beyond the celestials and the gods? The Divine Mother grants the sensitive soul the knowledge and ability to merge in pure, conscious Awareness, that is the original Mind from out of which came all sacred things.
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The Purusharthas — The Four Fruits of Life #71
The four fruits of life is a classic and fundamental teaching found in the universal path of the Divine Mother of the Universe. She confers upon beings with properly orient ed minds these gracious boons — the only stipulation being that the aspirant and devotee must know that dharma always must always come first, prior to wealth and fulfillment of desires. With this mainstay in place the Mother’s child can move through the three worlds at will, enjoying and gaining all that Her realms hold and offer. The most supreme blessing here is that it all ends in moksha, ultimate freedom for the embodied soul, in eternal union with Her.
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