The Stainless Cause of the Universe #74


India’s cosmology is ancient and thorough in its depth and its scope. It is also eternal, since it sites principles that the Divine Being, in all its many aspects, utilizes to project, sustain, and dissolve the many realms of name and form that exist in time and space. Though the Divine Being is beyond causality, is the Causeless Cause, Its amazing Mind, the Mahat, or Hiranyagarbha, facilitates the appearance of countless worlds peopled by an infinite amount of living beings, all under the auspice of the Mahashakti, the Divine Feminine Power. Coming to know of this trickle-down process, from the highest and deepest Escalon on out to the gross, physical plane of existence, the soul very soon reaches for and attains the highest Wisdom that solves all problems, settles all issues, and even puts death to death.

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