The 3 States, 7 Limbs, & 14 Mouths of the Individual #114


The most advanced spiritual luminaries declare unanimously that “All is Brahman.” When they state this great Truth they mean it transcendentally, but they also intend that it be taken literally and immanently. This chart explains how the apparently individualized soul, the jivatman, is really the Supreme Soul, Paramatman; jiva is Siva! It may shift its locale in awareness when it visits dream and deep sleep, and it also consumes and exudes the natural world while in the waking state — all with its 19 mouths. Considering the individual, or oneself, in this unique and more enlightened way, the chasm between God and mankind can be breached, and the unity of “I and my Father are one,” or “Tat Tvam Asi,” can be realized. This is the best of informed cosmology and all-pervasive nonduality.

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