The Four Noble Truths & the Eightfold Path #118


With such a deep, powerful, and timeless teaching as this, emanating from one of the world’s most illumined of souls, there is really no need for ignorance and suffering to persist anymore amidst seeking and striving humanity. To have it available as a four-color presentation on a 24 x 36 teaching chart would cause all sincere seekers of truth to want it placed on every wall of every monastery, ashram, spiritual center, meeting hall, and household in the world — across the three worlds, if possible. This teaching of the Indian dharma is a free soul’s reckoning and rendering of the perennial path and its obstacles after having had the consummate Vision of the Absolute, Nirvana. It is well-suited to assist the practitioner in freeing the self from unnecessary suffering, placing ones feet on the road to Divine Reality, and realizing, forever, the diamond nature of ones own intrinsic Awareness.

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