The Four Stages of Absorption & Formlessness #99


If there is only one true religion, that would have to be Nonduality, for only this highest Principle holds the capacity to both contain all other religions, and merge them into one another as well. And the secret of the rare Religion of Nonduality is Formlessness; that is the one distinct element that all the religions of the world do not profess, and if it is present there, it is not emphasized. There are many sweet drinks available for the palate, but only honey embodies the essence of sweetness. There are many great rivers on earth, but they all have the Ocean as their final destination. It was in this way that great souls like Buddha projected a body on earth and spoke to and of this most elevated spiritual station as Truth, giving It just enough form so as to attract the freedom-loving soul to engage with It. Like a mountain that loses all traces of pathways toward its summit, the Religion of Formlessness transcends name and form, time and space, and ushers the enlightened soul towards the peak of perfection called Brahman, Prajnaparam, Allah, the All-mighty Father, and other sublime appelations.

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