The Thirty-Six Cosmic Principles of Shaivism #148


Utilizing Lord Kapila’s original twenty-four tattvas as its basis, the various philosophy schools inside of the darshana of Shaivism have fashioned an umbrella of subtle principles over the top, a sort of frosting on the cake of Indian philosophy in general. But much more than a sweetening, the upper twelve tattvas cover a range that had remained hitherto unexplored by most inner travelers of the terrain of consciousness. What was revealed as a result came in the form of vibrational fields too subtle for the mind to fathom through rationale and speculation. Contact with such ultimately living principles as Ishvara and Sadasiva brought to the fore the very meaning of direct darshan with higher deities that stretched far beyond mere visualization. Even a basic study of these spandas alerts the mind to their existence, opening up close relations in the near future.

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