The Threefold Sorrows #223


Long before the Buddha came to earth and established the Four Noble Truths around relative existence, Lord Kapila had already left behind the teaching of the Three Sorrows in Sankhya Yoga. Interestingly enough, both these great souls, who were spaced millennia apart in time, were born in the same village in India. In the case of Kapila, his Three Sorrows system has earned the mantra of “Shanti, Shanti, Shanti,” due to the thorough protection it confers upon the lovers of Divine Reality, as well as upon those who still suffer in self-actuated karmas and their limitations. This dharma chart, with its backdrop of the cremation grounds in Varanasi, acts as a reminder to all beings that “All this must pass,” to quote the Buddha, making it perfect to hang on the wall of ones home, ashram, shrine room, or monastery.

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