The Twelve Higher Spandas of Shaivism #143


In early times in India, when it as called Bharat — the Eternal Land — Lord Kapila did his inner homework through intense scrutiny of all that lies both inside and outside the individual’s marvelous province. He came up with the Twenty-Four Cosmic Principles that not only effectively distilled and mapped out these two terrains of a human being’s relative consciousness, but were also borrowed by so many other systems of Cosmology and Philosophy — both inside and outside of Mother India. Shaivism was one of these, with its keen and authentic worship of Lord Siva. To the Cosmic Principles of the Sankhya system of Lord Kapila, the Shaivites added twelve deeper or higher levels of vibration, completing a grand 36 Cosmic Principle tier that opened the aspiring sadhika’s exploration of the “kingdoms of heaven within” to subtleties unknown to most seekers of Enlightenment

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