King Svotta’s Sankalpa City #264


There is no single word in any language that better explains both the source and dynamic of life than the Sanskrit word, sankalpa. It tells us that embodiment is a dream in time, and clarifies further by citing the mind as the agile and adept hub of this dream. It reveals all as a projection of thought, able and responsible for the appearance of multiple worlds peopled with billions of living beings, all spread out across the many dimensions of the Great Mind in a panorama of spell-binding proportions. Just ask King Svotta, a master of sankalpa, whose vast city of mental projection is shown on this wisdom chart, with all its facets, for deft study. Scrutinizing it, the individual mind may then find out something about its own life, and how it was fashioned by the mind along with the help of countless living beings, all participating in their own form of sankalpa.

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