Shuddha, Ashuddha, & Shuddhashuddha Tattvas #222


Tattvas are important of note in all Indian philosophies. There is no single word in English to indicate their presence in life. “Insentient Principles” may come the closest to explaining them, and if this is understood, then the human mind will not mistake them for what is actually Sentient, i.e., Brahman, God, Allah, Almighty Father. In other words, all that exists in name and form in time and space is an expression of Reality; it is not sentient. Being an expression, it is a tattva, like the Great Mind, ego, mind, senses, the five elements, etc. These expressions fall either closer or further from the Sentient Source, and since they do, they are seen as being pure, mixed pure/impure, and impure. This wisdom chart reveals this gradated hierarchy among insentient principles, all of which should be utilized for reaching and gaining union with the single, Sentient Soul.

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