The True Meaning of Moksha/Mukti #104


Opinions and theories about the nature of freedom abound, from personal to political, from enjoyment of leisure to the freedom to express oneself, from the power to restrict to the ability to commit violence on others — and, of course, the freedom to do anything one wants. But all of these forms of so-called freedom are relative, are found in relativity. They suffer their opposite side, called failure and bondage. Mother India has always known the true meaning of Freedom. First, it is spiritual in nature, and secondly, it is the very nature of the Soul. In other words, it cannot be created, produced, or generated. It does not come about in time, nor happen over the course of evolution. It is not a product of transformation, nor does it manifest on account of purification or practice. It is a principle always and already at hand. It knows no bondage for it is “Ever-Free, Never Bound.”

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